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Masters of Social Gastronomy: The Mysteries of ICE CREAM

We couldn’t wait for summer, so we’re bringing summer to us!

Tuesday, April 29
Doors at 7:30pm, talks start at 8pm
Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street in Gowanus

Hear the tale of vanilla ice cream, a commonplace flavor with a rare and exotic past. We’ll take a hard look at the science that makes ice cream tick and see if we can harness the DIY spirit to craft up astronaut ice cream in your very own kitchen.The wide range of curious flavors will be on full display, with 19th-century artichoke-and-tomato ice cream and other adventuresome (and masochistic) creations.


Campfire Cooking!

this will be you!

Campfire Cuisine Beyond Hot Dogs: An Introduction to Hearth Cooking
Friday, May 16, 6-9pm or Sunday, May 18, 11am-2pm
The Old Stone House & Washington Park, Park Slope, Brooklyn
$50 Buy tickets here.

In this hands-on class, you’re going to learn how to cook over an open fire. But what you’ll really learn are the primal cooking skills that will make you a better cook in your daily life.

We’re going to cover the four basic cooking techniques: baking, roasting, frying and boiling. While preparing a meal on an outdoor hearth, you’ll learn how to tell temperature without a thermometer, how to tell the doneness of food by using all of your senses, and how to build a bad-ass fire.

The skills you will learn in this three-hour session will allow you to amaze your friends on your next camping trip; put on an old-timey costume and cook at a historic house; or simply become a better, more intuitive home chef.

The cost of the class includes a light meal you will help to make:

- Soup Meager, a spring soup with peas, onions and greens
- Rusks, a fried biscuit
- Venison roast
- Dessert

Purchase tickets here!


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