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At the Kids’ Table: Chinese Food, American Story

Saturday, March 21, 2-4pm
The New York Historical Society
$16 per person ($10 per Member).  Tickets.

Like it has for many immigrant groups, food created a pathway to acceptance for Chinese in America. During this program families will explore N-YHS’s groundbreaking exhibition Chinese American: Exclusion/Inclusion and will then cook some of the first foods that Chinese immigrants introduced to Americans. We’ll recreate the first popular Chinese take-out, chop suey, from a century old recipe, and make dumplings by hand- filling, folding, and cooking them to eat in class.

This is a series of three  family programs on New York City’s food history. Each two-hour program allows participants to experience historic foodways through an exploration of kitchen objects based on the New-York Historical Society’s collection and cooking.

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Masters of Social Gastronomy: The World’s Oddest Foods

Wednesday, March 25th. Doors at 7:30pm, talks start at 8pm
Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street in Gowanus

Each month, the Masters of Social Gastronomy (Sarah of Four Pounds Flour and the Brainery’s Soma) take on the history and science behind some of your favorite edibles. Up this month: the world’s strangest (and most expensive) edibles.

One man’s delicacy is another man’s nightmare! Uncover the oddball background of the world’s priciest coffee, and what a jungle cat has to do with your mild roast. If mammals sound passé, you might try bird’s nest soup, a Chinese delicacy that’s anything but a cluster of twigs.

Mankind has always loved strong scents and powerful flavors, but sometimes goes to questionable lengths to obtain them. Flavoring from a deer’s butt, anyone? Or the almost-mythical ambergris, a mass of squid beaks and fecal matter from inside a whale’s intestines, considered one of the most valuable substances by the ounce on the planet? Hear harrowing tales of aromatic animal extracts, in high demand as dessert flavorings from the medieval era through the 19th century. RSVP HERE!


Umami: A Yummy Tour of Little Tokyo
Saturday, April 11th 12pm or 2:30pm
$30 Tickets!
This price of this tour includes four tastings!

Learn to eat in the neighborhood where New York and Tokyo meet.

In the past decade, the East Village has transformed from a post-punk wasteland to an east-coast outpost of Japanese culture. From noodles to squid, bubble tea to curry, we’ll explore all the internationally influenced food Little Tokyo has to offer.

Which fast food chains have their only American outposts in Little Tokyo? What’s the difference between traditional and modern Japanese desserts? What are the three primary flavors of Japanese street food? The answers to these questions and more as you learn to eat in the neighborhood where New York and Tokyo meet.

This price of this tour includes four tastings! We’ll meet in Manhattan, at the public park/benches on the northwest corner of St. Marks and 3rd Avenue, across from Cooper Union. The tour is 90 minutes long. Buy tickets here!


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