This Blog has been Retired…

…and is no longer being updated. But the archives are fully accessible! Enjoy!

If you want to see what I’m up to now, I’m very active on Instagram, Facebook and Patreon. You can check out my new website here, which has news, events and much more!

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5 Responses to “This Blog has been Retired…”

  • Thanks for your notice! I’m sorry you’re retiring the blog, but it’s good to hear that you’re continuing work into culinary history.

  • I hope you leave the blog up. The posts were so enjoyable that I plan to look for your book. I’m a conscientious objector to Facebook, stopped doing Instagram when they started forcing videos on the front page so that I never saw my friends pictures anymore, and I don’t like Twitter for the same reason I prefer books to short stories.

    So I’ll never seen any of your material in the new places you post. In spite of a strong interest in food history I probably never would have come across your book if it weren’t for this abandoned blog. I went to the new website, but it’s not the kind of hobbyist, brain-dump website I like. It’s a sleekly polished advertisement, and there’s nothing there to hold me. If I’d found that first, it wouldn’t have sparked such a strong interest in your writing.

    On old blogs like these (almost all abandoned) I see enough of the way someone’s mind works, and their craft, that I want to see more. I feel a connection, even if it’s not a personal one. Facebook doesn’t produce that, even though ironically it’s supposed to.

    Anyway, I’m disappointed it’s a dead blog–but this scrap pushed into the corner was the thing that got me excited about your writing.

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