Podcast: The Science Enthusiast

I recently appeared on the The Science Enthusiast podcast, talking FOOD SCIENCE, natch. Tune in to hear me chat MSG, GMOs and much more. But don’t listen if you don’t like cussing, we do that a lot.

3 Responses to “Podcast: The Science Enthusiast”

  • So glad to find your blog!

  • I wanted to hear about “Barida”. I am considering getting the audiobook, Eight flavors and listened to a sample. The narration is pleasing ( easy to listen to ). So coming upon this podcast, I happily began to listen to it. Climate change is an important issue and President Trump’s stand on it is worthy of criticism, but I was ready to listen to an interesting history of the Recipe. You guys kept talking about Trump and the climate. I gave up, turned off the podcast and went back to the book I am reading. Please stay on topic.

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