Four Pounds Flour Featured on Serious Eats

Recipe testing Warm vanilla cakes, photo by Jaya Saxena.

There’s a lovely article about me on Serious Eats! Reporter Jaya Saxena shadowed me on a day of recipe testing (for the book…everything for the book…) and I’m charmed by her write-up. We had a lot of fun.

Excerpt below, read it all here!

“Historic Gastronomist” is a title Lohman came up with to describe her mission of discovering American history through food, and using those findings to illuminate our current eating habits. “Molecular gastronomists, or modernists, use modern technology to advance cuisine and our knowledge of food,” she explains. “I use history.”

6 Responses to “Four Pounds Flour Featured on Serious Eats”

  • woohoo! love your blog and talks at msg, i’m so excited for your book!

  • Sarah, I love reading about your gastronomic experiences! I agree with you…what better way to discover history than to use the venue of food. Reading through recipes of the past is exciting! Then, when you actually prepare those recipes, it brings credence to the art and science of cooking/baking from days of yore.
    Keep it up!

  • I’m very glad you were featured because I would’ve never have otherwise heard about your work, and it sounds like an absolutely fascinating approach to history. It is quite something to be able to conjure up artifacts from the past.

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