The Top Ten Reasons to Vote for the Tenement Museum

The Top Ten Reasons to Vote


I have a mission for you. It involves my favorite place in New York City:  The Lower East Side Tenement Museum.

The Museum is a structure built as affordable housing in 1863.  After being home to about 7,000 residents, most of them new immigrants to the United Stated, the building closed in 1935.  It remained abandoned for 53 years, until the Museum took it over in 1988.

A "ruin" apartment, preserved in time, at the LES Tenement Museum

Now, visitors can take tours of the space, learning about immigrants of the past and present, through the stories of real families who called the building home.  Each tour explores one floor of the tenement, examining both restored spaces and abandoned rooms that have been frozen in time.  It is awesome.

The museum needs your help.  They’re up for a $250,000 grant to preserve their structure.  But it’s a competitive thing: 40 institutions have been nominated to receive this money.  So the museum needs your vote.  This grant would help keep this museum–a tribute to the American story of immigration–up and running for many years to come.  If you need any more convincing, check out the video above: The Top Ten Reasons to Vote for the Tenement!

The museum needs to be in the top four to receive this grant, and they are currently languishing in fifth place.  You can vote once a day, every day, from now until May 21st.  You can vote through Facebook here, or through the Partners in Preservation webpage.

Please help us win! It only takes a minute to help preserve 149 years of history.


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  • I loovveee the tenement museum! I went with my sister before they renovated the main lobby area (and before tickets stared selling out like hot cakes!) and it was a wonderful experience because I went to visit near closing time and we were the only ones on the tour – so it was pretty mcuh like a personal tour! It’s really cool stuff on how attentive the tour guides are and how interesting that one can be so close to history

  • I can’t believe how busy the museum has been recently. Since we moved–and then got a big piece of press in Reuters–we have sold out everyday. I’m happy for the museum, but also miss the days of two person tours!

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