The Gallery: Tavern Drinks and Diversions

1830's bartendin'1830’s Bartendin’

I wanted to share a few images from last week’s sold-out Tavern Drinks and Diversion event at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum.  Delicious drinks and food in an historic 1830s bar = pretty awesome.  We’re planning another event with hot cocktails for the fall.

But in the meantime, if you missed the event and are totally jelly; or if you were there and would like to do it all over, then come to Gin in June at the Old Stone House! On Friday, June 10th, we’ll be tasting four historic gins in four historic cocktails, accompanied by 1880s bar food.  Get your tickets here!

Guests enjoying a tavern supper of ham, fresh bread and butter, and venison.

I made a ham so good. This ham was the best ham. I'm making it again for Gin in June.

Mushroom ketchup: salty mushroom sauce. Also available at Gin in June.

The scene at the bar.

Mad crowded.

A lovely bowel of Green Tea Punch in the garden.


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