Taking a Few Days Off

Hello all! I realized I inadvertently lied last week, by promising several days of posts on the specifics of the Silver & Ash menu.  I ended up being so wrapped up in the logistics of accomplishing the event that I ran out of time for blogging.  The event, by the way, went swimmingly and we are planning to do it again in September.

I’m taking a few days off to recover; this week I plan to return to a regular blogging schedule.  I’d like to take this little break to open up the floor to you: what brought you to this blog?  what posts do you find the most interesting?  what would you like to see more or less of?

I always like to check in with you every few months; your feedback is always inspiring.  Thanks everyone!

6 Responses to “Taking a Few Days Off”

  • The posts about Alaska and the Bear meat, to me, seem the most interesting. How rare? How fun? How fantastic! When will you be doing more with game?

  • I don’t remember how I found your blog. I think that my partner found it first and sent me a link.

    I enjoy your blog because I am interested in the older technologies of daily life, such as cooking in a fireplace or on an iron stove. I’m also interested in the flavors and techniques of older recipes and in the flavors of older strains of fruit and vegetables.

    Please write about what you enjoy writing about. I happen to be a vegetarian who doesn’t drink alcohol, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to read about any of your adventures. I enjoy watching you learn, and I enjoy learning from you.

  • I especially enjoy the stories detailing what happened when you tried out some new historic recipe. As cook who likes to experiment, I like the details of the good and not so good! I also really like the pics you take of the process and results. Great blog all around! Thanks.

  • I found your blog through the Tenement Museum blog and have been loving reading the back log of posts!

    I love your period food posts. The standalone ones are great but I’ve especially loved the series posts (like the Tenement Diet). I’d love to see you do a week of 1920s food, for example. Or a week from Amelia Simmons.

  • I also don’t remember how I found your blog- maybe through Brokelyn?

    My favorite posts are when you try out diets like the tenement one or the Kellogg’s. Probably a bit of schadenfreude on my part. =)

    Thanks for the interesting blog!

  • I sincerely appreciate everyone’s feedback. I love doing the weeklong projects as well–unfortunately, they can be quite expensive! Maybe it’s time to start a paypal donation system…or kickstarter project.

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