Press: The Historic Gastronomist on Culinate

I appeared on earlier this month, in conversation with the marvelous Leah Koenig (who also selflessly volunteered at the Silver and Ash event.)  The Culinate Interview talks with people who are  “doing influential, important, or just plain unusual work in food.”  I’m in good company, snuggled between interviews with Mark Bittman and Frank Bruni.  Holy moly!

What does history taste like? For Sarah Lohman, a New York City resident and self-described “historic gastronomist,” that question is key to understanding the past.

With Culinate, Lohman talked about the importance of making history personal, her weeklong adventures with Jell-O, and which contemporary cookbooks she thinks will stand the test of time.

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4 Responses to “Press: The Historic Gastronomist on Culinate”

  • Very cool, Sarah… you need lots of interviews… famous.. books… $$$, oh yeah.

  • HAHAHA..thanks, deana. Couldn’t have said better myself :D

  • I saw your piece on Food Curated last night. I’m a Brit living in NY for 30 years, and American food history is one of my interests. I found what you do fascinating. I collect cookbooks from early to mid-20th century. I’m amazed at how little fresh produce seems to have been available – everything was canned. Also I love the “salads”, all of which seem to contain Jello, and often marshmallows too! I have a wonderful booklet called “The Joy of Jello” with great colour illustrations. I’ve tried a few recipes from various books. A friend has also passed on some ideas from her family’s “white trash” traditions. These are real valid recipes (Peas and Peanuts anyone?)that deserve to be saved. I can pass some on if you’re interested. Your stuff goes further back than mine, I’m sure thoses hoe cakes wouldn’t taste half so good cooked on a regular stove. I still want to try making them though!

    All the best,

  • Thanks for taking the time to comment! you should check out the series I did on Jell-o. I love to delve in 20th century vintage foods as well!

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