Four Pounds Flour is Looking for an Intern

Hey out there– I’m looking for an intern who lives in the New York City area for Spring 2014.

I need someone who is available once a week on a weekday, but would be willing to occasionally help out on a weekend. Half the time would be spent either working from my home office or at an event, the other half doing research projects that can be done from anywhere.  General responsibilities:

-Small research projects.

-Help out recipe testing by shopping, doing kitchen prep, and cleaning.

-Running errands.

-Assisting at Four Pounds Flour classes and events.

The perks: You’ll get an inside look at what I do and how I’ve built my career. You’ll have regular exposure to primary source recipes and learn how to interpret them. You’ll learn how to research, and my process for writing. You’ll get free access to all my events, as well as a behind the scenes look at how they run.

The time commitment would be no more than 8 hours a week, with one hour spent focusing on your questions and interests. The application process should be a time when we decided how this internship will best serve your needs.

The position is “semi-paid”; meaning, if you are working an event with me where I get paid, you will also get paid. I’m also happy to fill out whatever paperwork is needed so you can get college credit. You do not have to be in college to apply for this position.

If this position sounds interesting to you, or you have some more questions, send me a letter of interest via my contact page here.

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