Cocktail Hour: Making Hard Cider

More later this week…

4 Responses to “Cocktail Hour: Making Hard Cider”

  • I’ve been waiting for a post on making cider at home, and making it boozy – even better

  • Are you going to freeze distill it?

  • I recently inherited my grandfather’s antique cider press. We had some friends over this fall and pressed about 8 bushels. What we didn’t consumer fresh is now sitting in a six gallon carboy in the laundry room and at my last taste-testing finishing nicely. I tried a pint, but it it felt more like three!

  • I am envious of all of you and the space you have to do things like press cider! I’m from semi-rural ohio, now living in a 4th flr walk up in Queens, so a lot of my time is spent trying to convert projects to a much smaller space. This cider will be really simple, and the results are sitting in my fridge awaiting a taste test. I’ll will let you know how it all turns out.

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