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Menus: Roast Bear for Charles Dickens

I recently spent some time rifling through the New York Public Library’s extensive menu collection, and I came across this gem from 1842:

Some of the dishes served included: Larded Sweet Breads and Larded Fillet Beef; Plum Puddings, blazing; and, my favorite, Roast Bear. I think the hosts tried to American things up for Charlie D: “Look at us! We’re so wild in the States! We’re eating a bear!” I hope Mr. Dickens had a good time.

I think this menu has planted the seed of an idea for a future dinner party.

Sorry Men, No Milk for You!

The Tenement Museum Blog has launched a series of posts on food and immigration. I was intrigued by this “Bill of Fare for Thursday, December 28th, 1922″ from the Ellis Island dining room.

Ellis Island Dining Room (Tenement Museum Blog)