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Boston 19th Century Pub Crawl Wrap Up!

A carefully crafted rye cocktail from Stoddard's Fine Food and Ale. Notice the breathtakingly beautiful, hand-carved lump of ice in the center. That is some pretty ice.


Since I’ve been on a month- long hiatus from the blog, I figured I should let you know what I’ve been up while I’ve been gone!  First, I’d like to share some images from last weekend’s Boston 19th Century Pub Crawl.

We began the night at Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks. I sipped on a Root of All Evil cocktail, a blend of coconut and an amazingly subtle and complex root beer liquor.  It was delicious-one of my favorite cocktails of the night!

The crowd mixes and mingles at Eastern Standard.

Stoddard’s Fine Food and Ale had us enter via the “speakeasy” entrance. The building was built in the 1860s and the entire block is historic. The result was a twisting, turning, increasing shady back alley that suddenly opened up into Stoddard’s. Completely awesome and fun.

A snapshot of the bar at Stoddard’s. The have an amazing list of historic cocktails available every day. To add another degree of authenticity, the bartenders carve off chunks of this giant ice block to make the cocktails. In addition to the rye drink pictured at the top of the post, I had a slammin drink called the Temple Smash: rye, ginger ale, mint, and seltzer. Fav.

Rich poses as our logo.

Waiting to get into the final stop of the evening, Drink.

Cocktail Virgin Slut joined us on the crawl; here, he takes notes on an adorable little cocktail at Drink.


The night ends with a bang: the skilled bartenders at Drink mixed me a Blue Blazer. I had never in my wildest dreams imagined there was a bar with two silver tankards ready to go at a moments notice. To be honest, to have one made for me made me feel like a god. Drink also mixed up an amazing classic punch, in a giantic bowl.  The night ended well.


Events: The Boston 19th C. Pub Crawl

Last event of the season! Hope to see you there!

The Boston 19th Century Pub Crawl
Saturday, June 25th at 5pm
Meet at Eastern Standard
528 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA
$5 Buy Tickets Here!
Join us for a night of nineteenth-century debauchery at Boston’s oldest bars and most notorious dens of vice!  Our second year running, the theme of this year’s crawl will be “The Victorian Cocktail.” 

We will meet promptly at 5:00 PM at Eastern Standard to sip drinks from a custom list of authentic 19th century cocktails and nibble on complimentary hors d’oeuvres.  From there, we’ll promenade to Stoddard’s for more small bites and century-old cocktails mixed by their skilled staff.  Afterwards, should we still possess the fortitude and sobriety, we’ll head to Drink to end our evening with custom concoctions.

The historic cocktails on this tour are being assembled for our group only, so reserve your tickets today to drink in history.  Appropriate nineteenth century attire is encouraged, but by no means required.

$5 to join the Crawl, which includes access to historic cocktails and complimentary appetizers.  Drinks are pay as you go.  There are a limited number of spots available on the crawl, so buy tickets today at:

Visit for the most up-to-date information, including cocktail notes and bar history.

Events: Gin! (and meat) Waffles! (and cookies)

I know I’ve been all blah blah blah this event, blah blah that event.  But spring is a good time for cookin’, and I’ve got just two more events in New York before I take my summer break!

Firstly, Gin in June is tomorrow night!  It will feature four gins in four historic cocktails: The Gin Sling, The Martinez, The Bronx Cocktail, and the Gin Fizz.  We’ll also serve 1880s bar food: pig’s feet, ham, roast beef, and tongue; as well as bread, the most delicious fresh butter, strawberries, and fresh greens.

So get you tickets before they sell out! Purchase tickets here.

Then on Saturday, I’m going to be at the Wyckoff House in Brooklyn for their annual Kinderdag Festival: making waffles over and open fire and baking orange and caraway cookies (the weather will be cooler on Saturday).  So bring the kids to help me make some sweet treats, as well as participate in games, other events, and get a tour of the historic house.