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Taking a Few Days Off

Hello all! I realized I inadvertently lied last week, by promising several days of posts on the specifics of the Silver & Ash menu.  I ended up being so wrapped up in the logistics of accomplishing the event that I ran out of time for blogging.  The event, by the way, went swimmingly and we are planning to do it again in September.

I’m taking a few days off to recover; this week I plan to return to a regular blogging schedule.  I’d like to take this little break to open up the floor to you: what brought you to this blog?  what posts do you find the most interesting?  what would you like to see more or less of?

I always like to check in with you every few months; your feedback is always inspiring.  Thanks everyone!

Events: Silver and Ash Dinner Concert

This Thursday, I am partnering with singer/songwriter Clare Burson to present Silver and Ash, an historic tale told through music and food.  It’s a two hour event with four courses of food and live performance.  Tickets are selling out fast, so mosey over to the events page to read more details,  or buy tickets here.

The courses in the Silver and Ash menu are inspired by Burson’s family history and the geographical journey her story takes.  Each course has a tale of its own which will be revealed the night of the event.  The recipes come from period sources, including The Settlement Cookbook, an early 20th century American cookbook that catalogs ethnic Jewish and German cuisines.
A sneak peek at the menu to entice you:
The First Course:  The Gastronomic Origins of Our Story
Farmer’s Cheese with Pickled Cherry Tomato and Vodka Shot
The Second Course: A Girlhood in Germany
Beer-Braised Schaller & Weber Beef Wiener with German Potato Salad
The Third Course: A New Life in Tennessee
Finast Chicken Pie
The Fourth Course: How Our Story Comes to an End
Helga’s Homemade Almond Pound Cake with Fresh Cherry Compote and Whipped Cream
The event, inside the gorgeous Henry Street Settlement, will be an unforgettable experience.  This week I’ll be posting the inside scoop on all the historic goodies the attendees will get to consume.  And don’t miss you chance to be a part of the action: get your tickets now!

Snapshot: Boston Cooler

I just back from a road trip to Dearborn, MI; I have friends that live there, and they introduced me to a local “historic foodway” (their words) called the Boston Cooler.  The Cooler is an ice cream float made specifically with vanilla ice cream and Vernors ginger ale.

“The now-familiar “Boston Cooler” of ginger ale and ice cream was cited in the 1920 Cleveland (OH) Plain Dealer, described as ‘well known’ and a ‘favorite of the golf links.’ Vernors ginger ale was first made in Detroit in the mid-1800s and is one of America’s oldest soft drinks. Detroit’s Boston Boulevard is near Vernors, and it is claimed that this is the origin of the ‘Boston’ in ‘Boston Cooler.'(The Big Apple)”

Despite the Cleveland connection, I had never heard of a Boston Cooler until my recent venture into Michigan, where it is still popular.  And still damn tasty.